Water Soluble Paints / Effects Liquids

High matt, water soluble paint / effects. Use straight from the pot. Apply with brush or sprayer. Effects / paints are water soluble and the effects of painting will be lost by washing in water or by getting wet.

Moss Effect Paint 25 ml-Water Soluble

HINTA 14,90,- (sis.alv24%) LOPPU VARASTOSTA toistaiseksi

Verdigris Effect Paint 25ml - Water Soluble

HINTA 14,90,- (sis.alv24%) TÄTÄ JÄLJELLÄ 2 pulloa.

Rust Effect Paint 25ml -Water Soluble

HINTA 14,90,- (sis.alv24%) LOPPU VARASTOSTA toistaiseksi

Moss Effect Paint 250 ml-Water Soluble

HINTA 55,- (sis.alv24%)

LOPPU VARASTOSTA toistaiseksi.

Verdigris Effect Paint 250ml - Water Soluble

HINTA 55,- (sis.alv24%)

LISÄTIETOJA: https://dirtydown.co.uk/product-category/special-effect-liquids/

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