HINTA 36,90,- (sis. 24% alv)

Frost & Snow Effect Spray

Realistic frost & snow effects spray for use on costumes and props.

Use on almost any surface including glass, wood and metal.


Frost and snow effect spray is a semi-permanent, non-yellowing snow spray. Fast drying and sticks upon contact.

  • Press nozzle gently for a light dusting of frost/snow.
  • Fully depress nozzle to spray a thicker layer of snow.
  • Build up layers of snow by spraying more coats.
  • Apply to almost any surface including fabrics, costumes, glass, furniture, metal etc.
  • 400ml sized spray.
  • Ozone friendly.

Instructions for Use:

  • The spray can must be at room temperature to work, not cold. The nozzle may not work if the spray can is cold. For best results, store overnight at room temperature before use.
  • Shake the spray can with the ball bearing rattling before each application of snow spray. The ball bearing will not rattle if the spray can is too cold and the spray can may not spray.
  • To clear the nozzle and prevent blocking, after each application of snow spray hold the spray can upside down and spray it for one second (while upside down).
  • If the spray can will not spray, the red nozzle on top of the spray can may be blocked. To clear the blockage, pull the red nozzle off the top of the spray can and place it in very hot, (just boiled) water for a few minutes. Do not place the entire spray can in very hot water, only the red nozzle.
  • Ensure surfaces are dry and grease free.
  • Mask areas not to be sprayed.
  • Snow spray may stain/damage some surfaces.
  • For a thin even layer of snow hold can upright 30cm (300mm) away from the surface, and spray across the surface in one smooth sweep, keeping the nozzle fully depressed, (the spray comes out of the nozzle very fast). For thicker layers of snow apply several coats.
  • For small piles of snow, hold the spray can closer to the surface and apply snow spray to small areas at a time with the nozzle fully depressed.
  • Gently press nozzle for a light dusting of frost/snow.
  • For patches, spray through a hole cut in a piece of paper.
  • Practice spraying on disposable items before final use.
  • Test before use on hidden surfaces/off-cuts for compatibility and adhesion.
  • To make snow permanent, apply fixative/varnish spray between coats of snow as well as over the last coat.
  • Remove snow from smooth surfaces such as glass by scrapping off excess snow and wiping with a dry cloth and wax based polish. Do not use soap and water. Snow sprayed onto rough surfaces is more difficult to remove.
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